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The sense of

Discurso proferido no painel Highest executive section: What do the SDGs means for us. Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing a Responsible Management Paradigm em evento comemorativo dos dez anos do PRME em Nova York.


By Norman de Paula Arruda Filho

President of ISAE/FGV and PRME Chapter Brazil

It’s a great pleasure for me to be here and share some expectations that I have in order to reinforce business schools’ commitment with responsible management education and to discuss the big challenge of education of the future.

I believe that to answer this challenge we must consider the several changes that the world is going through today and therefore it is imperative that we review our mission as well as the strategy of the school.

The regular school needs to be rethought, reinvented and recreated in order to implement the SDGs. For that, we must implement a new mindset for our professors focuses on our clients, partners, students, and the market.

To go forward in the education of the future it is necessary to review our own attributes and understandings which conduce our senses. Senses that must be continually renewed, senses like:

The sense of Urgency,

Sense of priority and to know how to prioritize our priorities,

Sense of Emergency,

Sense of Purpose,

Sense of Consensus, but consensus created from dissent,

Sense of Communication considering different audiences,

The sense of Diversity,

Sense of Culturality, but through the inter, multi and transcultural perspective,

The sense of transformation, key point in the academic structure,

Sense of integrity,

Sense of respect for citizenship,

Sense of Changing,

Sense of Conscience,

Sense of Ideas,

Sense of Opportunities,

Sense of Responsibility,

Sense of Sinergy,

Sense of Creativity,

Sense of Innovativity and Disruptive Innovation,

Sense of Intelligence,

Sense of Evaluation and Measurement,

Sense of Soul and of Passion,

Sense of coherence, not only about speech and attitude, but mainly between theory and practice, between present and future.

And finally, we must renew our sense of action… and act now!

About that, I often wonder about who are we in this process?

What is our role in designing the transformative education of the future?

As an answer to these questions, I like to believe that we can encourage this inspiring ACTION to society transformation. All so that we do not miss the sense of urgency.

As business school leaders, this is what we are doing by renewing our commitment to the PRME principles. We are responsible for translating theory into practice and inspiring a new model of education focused on the future, but built today.

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